Alcoa’s Technical Visit

Beneficiaries from AFESU Veleiros did a technical visit at Alcoa


This month, the beneficiaries from Management and Applied Technology, from AFESU Veleiros, did a technical visit at Alcoa, one of the three biggest companies of aluminium. Alcoa is in Brazil for more than 50 years and also operates in bauxite mines, alumina refineries and offers innovative solutions to various markets.

The students had the opportunity to participate at the program “Conectado com o Amanhã”, connected with tomorrow, in English, from Junior Achievement. The program enables students to have a moment of reflection about their future and prepare to the work environment.

The visit had classes, talks and dynamics with the CEO, Otávio Carvalheira, and the employees Tatiana Bizzi, Juliana Marques, Victória, Marly Andrade, Cristhia Itano, Mônica Espadaro, Tatiane Gurgel, Rosimarilane Yonamine, Carla Ricarte and Marcelly about working environment, behavioural skills, leadership, feedback, assessment, the importance of Ethics, career management, resume, job interview, Networking and entrepreneurship.

The visit also had a guided tour around Alcoa, where they could see in practice the working environment and the areas functions.