Campaign Embrace education for girls!

AFESU is participating in the Brazil Foundation’s campaign


Brazil Foundation works with leaders, social organization and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and opportunity for all Brazilians.

This year, Brazil Foundation launched another edition of the Campaign Embrace Brazil, with an end day of November 27, Giving Tuesday. The campaign was created to promote the philanthropy and donation culture among Brazilians, helping organizations that are developing a transforming social work in different areas of the country.

In 2017, the campaign was a huge success, raising R$1.2 million and mobilizing 4 thousand donators in thirteen countries. It also had the participation of various companies from USA and Brazil, by organizing events, donating percentages of their sales and collecting donations.

With this Campaign, Brazil Foundation intends to mobilize it international network of supporters, encouraging solidarity and overcoming last years’ numbers. The goal is to connect who wants to help transform Brazil with who needs the resources to promote fundamental actions to develop the community and the country.

Between 79 organizations selected by Brazil Foundation, AFESU participates with the Campaign Embrace Education from Girls. With the ambassadors Stella Jacintho, Isabella Fiorentino, Fernanda Motta, Maythe Birman, Cris Tamer, Andrea Bartelle e Iara Jereissati, the Campaign has the goal to support the projects for children, that gives complementary activities before or after school time.

Come transform lives with us, enter and donate education for girl. #euabraçoaafesu #campanhaabrace