AFESU launches new technology courses for women

Contents such as robotics, websites and applications development, programming and English for informatics are part of the modules, which are free of charge


In 2018 AFESU is going to launch two new technology coursesBasic Technology, designed to adolescents from the 9th years of Elementary School, and Management and Applied Technology, designed to adolescents from High School. The courses will be offered at AFESU Veleiros, in Vila Missionária, Southern region of São Paulo city, aiming to attend the surrounding community with classes of informatics, as verified in a research done by AFESU in 2017, and inserting women in that job market, once the companies face difficulties to find qualified professional in that area.

According to the study “The Network Skills in Latin America”, commissioned by Cisco to IDC up to 2019, the shortage of qualified professionals in that area in Latin America will be of 449 thousand professionals. Brazil is the country with the biggest gap, with a deficit of 165 thousand trained professional with jobs in 2015. With an estimated growth of the market of 3% yearly up to 2019, the forecast of job openings not fulfilled is of 35%. Another point shown by the research is the importance of the inclusion of women in that segment. Currently 15,3% of companies do not have any women into their network teams.

With duration of one year and course load varying from 288 to 445 hours, the free of charge courses offered by AFESU Veleiros cover different competencies, such as logics, robotics, English for informatics, programming, entrepreneurship and administration. Such skills were pointed by the companies as fundamental and scarce in the area.

Registrations are open and may be done in person, at AFESU Veleiros, at Rua Papa Gregório Magno, 597, Vila Missionária neighborhood. Visit our website for more information or by phone +55 11 5612-3977.