About Us

AFESU is a non-profit organization that has been providing professional training for women who live in the peripheral regions of São Paulo, since 1963.

To contribute to the reduction of the inequality of opportunities and to women’s empowerment, AFESU offers free courses that facilitate women’s entry into the labour market:

  • For children and adolescents 8-14 years-old: workshops during the school counterturn that aim to improve students’ school performance. In addition to occupying their time, avoiding situations of idleness and social risk, the students have the opportunity to enrich their cultural universe.
  • For young people 15-23 years-old: initiation to professional life with technical training classes that facilitate access to a first job. The provided courses include gastronomy, nursing, hosting and hospitality, among others.

In addition to its tradition, AFESU has legal approval and all required civil registries, being audited by KPMG. It also has support from major partners such as the Carlyle Institute in Brazil.

Our Differential

In addition to the academic formation, we offer an individual assistance for our students, through which we support their development of a life project as well as their personal growth.

Our Results in 2016

  • 709 girls and women attended
  • 3,029 family members impacted by our projects
  • 9,532 training hours
  • 1,047 individual assistances

To support our projects, you can donate by accessing: PayPal AFESU